Online festival

ONLINE FESTIAL What is this ?

We propose to create a calendar or diary of online events performed by SCDA Clubs throughout the second half of April 2021

Many clubs have been doing their own thing for their members to keep them connected. and None of us want our members to drift away because there has been nothing to do.   This Online Festival will be available to all clubs in the Edinburgh District.   There shall be no specific rules other than we would prefer events to be no longer than one hour.   Commonsense will dictate the acceptability of your content, bearing in mind that it will be viewed by a potentially large audience of all ages and your good name and reputation should be bourne in mind.

We recommend that your play is filmed or videoed in advance to enable it to be edited.   You Tube  is the most appropriate site and can be made available for a limited time or even left on forever. You can also perform  live on Zoom e.g. if preferred.

It is the clubs responcability to obtain permission to perform plays and music and pay any necessary royalty fees, but it is to be hoped that many clubs will use their own original work.


  1. SCDA cannot reimburse any costs whatsoever.  
  2. The festival will be non-competitive.  
  3. It should be for enjoyment and to give us all something to aim for during this continued lockdown.     
  4. It should be a shop window for all those who participate.
  5. Depending on the number of entries We have decided that clubs and individual members may be restricted to two entries

What to do now :

  • Choose a play or write one (or other form of entertainment).
  • Apply for permission to perform it online from the copyright holder.
  • The same applies to music.

Using the Get in touch  link above 

  • Notify us by 1st. February if you would like to be a part of the festival.             This is an expersion of intrest ONLY to assist with planning with no commitment.

  • Notify us by 15th March of the title of your entry and on which medium / platform you will present your performance and whether it will be live or videoed and for how long it will be available on catch-up if it is on You Tube for example.

We will then notify you of the date of your allotted slot, unless you specify the only suitable date if you are performing live.

Please also try to give us an approximate duration of your performance.  

If it is a very short piece, we will put it alongside another entry.