committee members and roles

The day to day business of SCDA Edinburgh District

is administerd by a committee:

Office Bearers

Chairman: Mr Derek Ward

Is a member of

Twilighters and EPT

As our chairman they serves on the Eastern Divisional Committee. 

Vice Chairman: Kevin Edie is a member of EPT and Cutting Edge comunity theatre

and is joint manager of social media

Secretary:  Mr Al Brown 

Is a member of

Twilighters and  EPT

Treasurer:  TBC

Ordinary Committee Members

Fredericka Morrison :- Is an active member of St Serf's Players since 2000, participating regularly on stage and designing promotional material for the club.

Sheila Clarke is a member of The Edinburgh Makars and is an Individual member of SCDA.

Angela Binnie, is a member of The Mercators. She serves on the playwriting committee and the Scene editorial committee. And is an Individual member of SCDA

Alison McCallum is the Secretary of St Serf’s Players, as well as an Individual member of SCDA and is The  Librarian at the National Script Library.

Stuart Mitchell  Serves as Treasurer on the Executive of Lothian Youth Arts and Musicals Company. 

Joseph Yeardly Is a member of St.kentigerns youth theatre and is an indavidual member of SCDA and acts as district webmaster

The following members hold specific posts within the committee

Names in colour have direct email links



Drama news

Fredericka Morrison :. and Kevin Edie