Scottish Community Drama Association
Edinburgh District
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We hope you enjoy your visit behind the scenes

Stop Press Updates 4th August 2016

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(New)  Updates to what’s on in August - The Fringe, details of Fringe shows may be found here  Library database and spreadsheet updated to reflect scripts held up to Tuesday 2nd August 2016. (Reminder) The National Script Library is open to callers on Tuesdays only - from 2pm to 7pm,  in other words, we will no longer be open on Wednesdays as a matter of course.

However, we still have plenty of work to do in the library so are willing to be as flexible as possible in the service we offer.

Therefore,  if members or Friends are unable to visit during the five hours we are open on a Tuesday, contact us at or by mobile - Susan Wales 07799 408608; Alison McCallum 07772 945612, (both any day) and Douglas Currie 07879 877732 (Tuesdays only), and we will endeavour to arrange to open up on another day for you.

The postal service is not affected at all by this new arrangement nor are the terms of the loans, which remain as nine single tiles or three sets or a combination thereof, for a period of nine weeks.

(Reminder)  -  Changes to on-line script information. In order to facilitate an on-line booking system the Script database has been streamlined.  Due to multi-cast options and lack of resources to enter all scripts individually to a database, Collections and Sets have been hived off to a separate database which will not be available on line. An on-line script request form will be available from the National site soon.  Meantime - if you cannot find a script, please send e-mail to librarians and we will check out the off line system.