Drama News

Drama News

Is our monthly Newsletter with hopefully lots of info so please get

in touch at


So please send any information you have to Susan Stewart who manages this  and it will be send out to all.

Details of club events can also be placed on the website and on the districts Facebook page on request 

So no matter what you need



                SET PIECES WANTED –

                                   Can we help you find extra cast or crew?

                                                        or a particular piece of equipment?


                Or just a person with a van to help move your show?


WHAT'S ON not just your shows but what about your fundraisers, rehearsals, and other events.

Or just needing help or advice?


why not try DRAMA NEWS

Nothing is too weird.   

Previously we have appealed amongst other things for a severed head, an old typewriter, a camel suit, an old telephone, guns, a two-way radio, a silver inkpot, gold coins and a coffin.