2012-1 Act

2012 1 Act 


Friday 17th February 2012

The Mercators ‘Incident’ by David Campton 

St Serfs Players (Bangholm) ‘A Mystery Tour’ by Colin Calvert

The Edinburgh Makars ‘Permission To Cry’ by David Campton

Leitheatre (Sunnyside) ‘Sunday Costs Five Pesos‘ by Josephina Niggli

Saturday 18th February 2012
Leitheatre (Kirkgate) ‘Falling Off A Log’ by Rebecca Russell

Edinburgh Peoples Theatre ‘Sparkleshark ‘ by Philip Ridley

St Serfs Players (Afton) ‘Imperfect Strangers’ by Neil Robertson.

Edinburgh District 2012 Results

The 2012 SCDA One-Act Festival was the 81st national competitive festival which Edinburgh has participated in since its inception.   

Edith Forbes Trophy for first place: - St Serf’s Players (Bangholm) with A Mystery Tour by Colin Calvert 

Mrs Charles Rowland Cup for second place: – St Serf’s Players (Afton) with Imperfect Strangers by Neil Robertson

Ian Wishart Quaich for third place: Edinburgh People’s Theatre with Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley

Bobby Watt Cup for Best Stage Presentation:- Edinburgh People’s Theatre

Eric Bennett Trophy for Highest Marks For Production: St Serf’s Players (Bangholm)

John McIntyre Trophy for Best Moment Of Theatre: St Serf’s Players (Bangholm)

BESTof theFEST audience award: St Serf’s Players (Bangholm)

SCDA rules state that only one play per club may go through to next stage therefore the clubs representing Edinburgh & Lothians at Lochgelly, Fife on 29th - 31st March 2012 were:

St Serf’s Players - A Mystery Tour          Edinburgh Peoples Theatre - Sparkleshark