2014-1 Act

2014 1 Act 


Thursday 20th February 2014

  1. Leitheatre(Sunnyside) with ‘Martha’ by Joe Corrie
  2. Edinburgh Makars with ‘The Last Munro’ by David Watson
  3. St Serfs Players (Afton) with ‘The Crying Dame’ by Trasler, Lovesy & Clark


Friday 21st February 2014

  1. Leitheatre (Kirkgate) with ‘The Choristers’ by John Reason
  2. Mercators with ‘The Vow’ by Rebecca Russell
  3. St Serfs Players (Bangholm) with ‘Over His Dead Body’ by Jack Booth


Saturday 22nd February 2014

  1. Dramateurs with ‘Talk In The Park’ by Alan Ayckbourn
  2. Leitheatre (Stageright) with ‘Puckoon’by Spike Milligan

2014 Results

Winner: St Serfs (Bangholm) with Over His Dead Body by Jack Booth;
Runner Up: Leitheatre (Kirkgate) with The Choristers by John Reason;
Third Place: Leitheatre (Stageright) with Pukoon by Spike Milligan adapted by Matt Mason
Best Production: St Serfs (Bangholm)
Best Stage Presentation: St Serfs (Bangholm) :
Scottish Life and Character: Makars with The Last Munro by Dave Watson;
Newcomer: Dramateurs of Galashiels with A Talk In The Park by Alan Ayckbourn
Best Moment in Theatre: Makars