2022-1 Act


The 2022 Edinburgh round of the SCDA One-Act Festival will be held  on

Saturday 19th February 2022

at the Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road, Edinburgh. 

We are delighted to welcome back Mr. Ben Humphrey as adjudicator

for the District One Act Festival in Febreuary 2022.

Clubs /Teams taking part are :

Leitheatre (Kirkgate)                                   :- The Resurrectionist     by Bob Allan – new play

The Edinburgh Makars (Historicals)          :- Chekhov's Gun             by Mike Appleby - new play

Leitheatre (Sunnyside)                                 :- The Wall                       by Fiona Schofield – new play

The Edinburgh Makars (Contemporaries) :- Last Tango in Little Grimley   by David Tristram

Stage Director - Stephen Hajducki; Lighting Director - Gordon Hughes; Front of House Manager - Al Brown.

Open festival

Edith Forbes Trophy – Winners:

Leitheatre (Kirkgate)  The Resurrectionist 

Mrs Charles Rowland Cup – Second:

The Edinburgh Makars (Contemporaries) :-                     Last Tango in Little Grimley

Iain Wishart Trophy - Third Place:

Leitheatre (Sunnyside) - The Wall  

Eric Bennett Trophy – Highest Marks for Production:

Leitheatre (Kirkgate)  The Resurrectionist 


Margaret Allan Quaich – Highest Marks for Acting:

The Edinburgh Makars (Contemporaries) :-                                  Last Tango in Little Grimley


Bobby Watt Cup – Stage Presentation:

Leitheatre (Kirkgate)  The Resurrectionist 

John McIntyre Trophy – Best Moment:

Leitheatre (Sunnyside) - The Wall  

Leitheatre (Kirkgate) 


The Edinburgh Makars (Contemporaries)  go forward to the Eastern Division Festival